A link to the Selwyn District Councils Freedom Camping Report which helps define why and where freedom campers come from and what they expect and do while in Selwyn

The Selwyn District Council Freedom Camping Report [PDF, 2785 KB] helps to define where freedom campers come from, what their motivations for staying in the district are, what they spend their money on, and what their level of satisfaction with reserves and facilities are. It also looked at the activity's impact on the environment. Both domestic and international freedom campers were included in research.

The report will be used to help develop future policy and processes for managing and providing facilities for freedom camping in Selwyn.

Freedom campers – welcome to Selwyn district!

Important things for freedom campers to know

Selwyn district is a beautiful place to freedom camp! We’re really pleased that you’re here and enjoying yourself.

Please look for and follow the messages on our signs at each of our freedom camping sites. Following the rules on our campsite signs will help us look after our environment and keep you safe.

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This means free camping is permitted. You can freedom camp at Coes Ford, Chamberlains Ford, Lakeside Domain, Whitecliffs Domain, and Harper Intake. Please take the time to read the signs at each site so you are clear on the rules at each site.

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This means fires are prohibited on all sites (you cannot light any fires).

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This shows where the toilets are. Please use the toilet facilities provided at each campsite.  Do not use the bush or vegetation in the camp sites as an alternative.

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This shows where you can throw out your rubbish. Please put all rubbish in the bins provided or take the rubbish home with you and throw it out.  Do not attempt to burn, bury, or leave it in the camp sites.

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This shows where you can dump waste. Please empty self-contained waste in approved dump stations.

More information is available on Selwyn District Council’s website www.selwyn.govt.nz and Facebook Page, and the Campermate app.