Process to undergo before work may be done

Step 1

Identify the work or task required by Committee.

Step 2

To assess whether a Risk/Task Analysis form is required, or whether a contractor needs to be engaged, a designated Committee representative should contact the following:

  • Kevin Chappell, Community Projects Coordinator, for project and building maintenance work
  • Jonathan Crawford, Reserves Operation Manager, for reserves and domain related work

Step 3

Fill out the on-line Risk/Task Analysis form identifying the work required and the risks and risk management to be taken.

Step 4

Submit completed Risk/Task Analysis form for assessment and authorisation for work to be undertaken. Further on-site assessment may be required before authorisation can be given.

Step 5

On the day of work and prior to work starting, all workers on site are to be inducted and briefed on the identified risks and measures taken to eliminate or minimise risks.  Workers are to sign the form to confirm they understand the risks and the safe work practices to be employed on site.

Step 6

Committees to retain a copy of the Risk/Task Analysis form for their records.