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The Rolleston Structure Plan has now been implemented via Plan Change 7

Draft Structure Plan 29.5.09

Consultation Process Discussion Documents


The Draft Rolleston Structure Plan was released on 29 May 2009 for public consultation. It discusses:

Part 1. Introduction, Vision, Objectives and Development Principles

Part 2. Context Analysis and Structure Plan Overview

Part 3. Centre Strategy

Part 4. Land Use and Community Facilities

Part 5. Movement and Infrastructure and Implementation Plan

Appendices: A. Glossary of terms and acronyms; B. New Zealand town comparisons; C. Comparison of Density Policies

Corrections to the Draft Structure Plan.


Rolleston is growing so fast that it is in danger of becoming an uncoordinated sprawl.

This Plan will say when, where and what types of growth will be allowed up to 2041. It will also suggest appropriate urban design ideas and will identify:

  • Town centre options

  • Density of housing options

  • Potential community facilities

  • Roading, cycling and pedestrian networks

  • Open spaces, recreational areas and

  • Constraints on water and wastewater servicing.