Selwyn District Council’s Engineering Code of Practice is a comprehensive document that confirms Council’s current technical design requirements and standards for subdivision and project works in the district.

This document is to be used by consultants, surveyors and contractors involved in design and construction of assets created through subdivision or capital projects to be vested in Council.

Document control

The version available on this webpage will be the sole controlled version. The onus is therefore on users to be familiar with and refer to this as the latest version of the COP.

All files are listed below are in PDF form. Electronic (CD) copies of the Code of Practice can be purchased for $15.00 or alternatively hard copies for $90.00.


Council will be reviewing the Code of Practice periodically. The most recent review was completed in February 2012. The Amendment Schedule is available below.

Council appreciates any comments and feedback from the users of the Code of Practice. The feedback form is available below.

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Post: Asset Management COP
Selwyn District Council
PO Box 90

Please note that none of these PDFs are larger than 3.3MB

Front Cover
Feedback Form
Content Index
Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - General Requirements
Part 3 - Quality Assurance
Part 4 - Geotechnical Requirements
Part 5 - Stormwater and Land Drainage
Part 6 - Wastewater
Part 7 - Water Supply
Part 8 - Roading Transportation
Part 9 - Utilities
Part 10 - Reserves and Streetscapes - updated September 2017
Part 11 - Lighting
Part 12 - AsBuilts - updated 30 March 2016
Part 13 - Stock Water Races
Part 14 - Telemetry