The Selwyn District has a buoyant economy. The area was identified in BERL's Regional Performance Indicators 2010 report as "The best performing district in 2010. The district had the fastest growing population in 2010, and in the medium term, the second best performance in population, employment and GDP growth".

Relevant documents include the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy, the Future for Selwyn strategies and plans, and the Community Development/Economic Development:Activity Management Plan - 2012/2022 [PDF, 84 KB].

The district's economic base is centred on our natural advantages of land and water. The Food and Beverage sector (agriculture) contributes nearly 30% to our annual GDP and creates almost one third of the jobs. The Visitor sector is growing, with 6 sensational ski-fields, nationally significant gardens and wetlands, unique bouldering and adventure biking, and award-winning aromatic wines.

The Selwyn District Council has a business friendly approach and welcomes new businesses investing in the District.