Economic impact of COVID-19 on Selwyn district – April 2020

Selwyn’s economy has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic – causing impacts on economic activity and employment across all sectors.

Economic analysts Infometrics have prepared a comprehensive overview of the anticipated economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic for the Selwyn district.

Download the full report Economic impact of COVID-19 on Selwyn district [PDF, 468 KB]

It includes an assessment of the headline impacts of COVID-19 as of April 2020, forecast changes to economic activity, employment and other key indicators over the year to March 2021, information on potential mobility of labour between different industries, and the outlook for construction activity and house prices in the district out to 2024.

Among key findings are:

  • Selwyn’s economy expected to contract by 5.4%
  • Employment declines by 2,000 jobs, all skill levels affected
  • Job losses will push unemployment to 7.1%
  • House prices to fall 10.8%, bottoming out in December 2021
  • Selwyn will take a smaller hit than most other districts
  • Selwyn’s economy is relatively resilient
  • Primary sector exports and food product manufacturing will remain stable or expand

The Council will use the data in this report, alongside other information on economic, social and community impacts, to help inform its response to the pandemic and long-term planning for recovery.

Economic Profile

The information at the linked buttons below, provided by economic analyst firm Infometrics, gives an in-depth description of the our district’s economic structure and performance, and a profile of our community based on census data for Selwyn. The economic profile site offers the ability to drill down into various towns and areas within our district. You can also compare our district’s data against the whole of the country and other regions.

Relevant documents include the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy and the Community Development/Economic Development:Activity Management Plan - 2012/2022 [PDF, 84 KB].

The district's economic base is centred on our natural advantages of land and water. The Food and Beverage sector (agriculture) contributes nearly 30% to our annual GDP and creates almost one third of the jobs. The Visitor sector is growing, with 6 sensational ski-fields, nationally significant gardens and wetlands, unique bouldering and adventure biking, and award-winning aromatic wines.

The Selwyn District Council has a business friendly approach and welcomes new businesses investing in the District.

Link to Infometrics quarterly reportLink to Infometrics community profile for Selwyn