Are You Arranging a Private Interment For a Loved One?

If you are thinking of arranging a private interment (without the involvement of a funeral director), here are a few tips on how to make the arrangements smooth and hassle-free during such an emotional time for you and your family:

  • All burials that take place within our Cemeteries require applications to be made to Selwyn District Council. Applications can be made through the Council website, visiting the Council headquarters in Rolleston to fill out a form or by phoning our Cemetery Officers to have a form emailed or posted to you.
  • We ask that as much notice is given as possible, or at least 48 hours before you wish to bury your loved one This allows our staff to complete all administration work required and our contractors plenty of time to prepare the burial plot.
  • During our Winter Hours (when daylight saving is not upon us) we ask that the latest time to book a burial be 3.30pm (excluding ashes – the latest we ask for booking is 4pm). However, during our Summer Hours (daylight saving) we ask that the latest time to book a burial be 4pm.
  • If we have more than one burial in one Cemetery on the same day we are required to book these 90 minutes apart, although burials can be booked at the same time but in different Cemeteries (ie 1.30pm booking in Shands Road and 1.30pm booking in Springston).
  • A ‘late fee’ may be charged if the funeral party arrive later than the time booked and our Contractor is required to stay on site after hours. If you think there is a possibility that you will not make it at the time booked, we would appreciate it if someone could phone our Cemetery Officers so we can inform our contractors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and clarification on the above tips – Phone or call in to Council headquarters in Rolleston to speak with one of our friendly staff.