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  • Private Interments

    Tips on how to make the arrangements smooth and hassle-free during this emotional time for you and your family.

  • RSA Interments

    Veterans of the New Zealand Defence Force who have served overseas are entitled to a burial plot at no cost

Information about arranging for an interment in a Selwyn cemetery

Interments are permitted from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 10am and 4pm. Where possible the cemetery is to be clear by 4pm to enable the sexton to close the grave. Twenty-four working hours notice must be given prior to the time fixed for an interment.

Family Ash Interments

Most burials are arranged through funeral directors, but for ash interments organised by the family please contact the Council.

When phoning the Council, details of the deceased are taken for our records, and arrangements are made for the sexton to make an opening in which the family can place the urn. It is important to have the dimensions of the urn on hand so that the correct-sized opening can be made. The sexton will normally do the preparation early on the day of interment and leave a small shovel for the family to cover over the urn.

The sexton will return later to ensure that everything is left in a tidy state.