About the types of plots and how to go about purchasing one

Plots are for human remains only. A burial plot can be used for a maximum of two burials, except, at the Council’s discretion an infant up to the age of one can also be buried in the plot. Up to six lots of ashes can also be interred in the plot.

Ash plots are either in a square-type garden arrangement, a conventional lawn beam, or as ash plots at either end of lawn beams which primarily have full-sized burial plots.

Plots can be pre-purchased, at a maximum of three plots per person. The easiest way is to complete our online plot purchase application form. You can request a copy of the plan(s) relating to the cemetery you are interested in, showing available plots. Once you have made your selection, ring the Council again to purchase your plot(s). If required, staff can meet at the cemetery to help select a plot.

The Council will invoice you within seven working days, and in due course you will receive a certificate of plot purchase. The plot purchase certificate will be issued with the name(s) of the person(s) who has the exclusive right of burial in the plot.

A burial plot costs $1,370 while an ash plot costs $546. If you have not lived in the Selwyn District for at least two consecutive years, an additional out-of-district fee of $546 applies. Please note that proof of residence may be requested. Also, we allow six months for all plot purchases to be paid in full from the date of application (we do have the ability to set up payment plans). If plot purchases are not paid in full within six months, Council will cancel your application and refund any money that you may have already paid.

If desired, a plot can be transferred to another person by writing to the Council. The existing certificate of plot purchase will be cancelled and a new one issued to the new plot owner. There will be an administration charge. A plot can also be sold back to the Council for the sum at which it was purchased, less $25 administration fee.