Make an application for Council and Community Boards' Discretionary Funding

This form is to be used for all grant and loan applications to the Council or Community Boards. Information about grants is found on the Funding page.

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Our preferred method of payment is direct credit.

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Applications from schools should be approved or submitted by the PTA as a fundraising project rather than an educational project.

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A loan or advance is most appropriate where your organisation requires funding for the initial costs of your event/activity/project but revenue from the event etc will allow you to repay the advance/loan to the Council.

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If you have received any financial assistance from the Selwyn District Council, Local Recreation and Sports Scheme, any Government Department, Lottery Board, QEII Arts Council, Trust or Society in the last three years please give details.

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You may attach up to four files, of up to 2mb in size each, to support your application. Files must be Word, Excel, PDF, text or image format. You may alternatively email your files to or post paper copies to the address below.

To assist your organisation in obtaining grant funding, you are welcome to contact any of the Councillors or Malvern Community Board Members. Please refer to Community Board for contact information.

Our preferred method of payment is direct credit. Please provide your bank account number (15 digits) and post or email a deposit slip to the address below.

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Particulars to appear on your bank statement: SELWYN D C

Post/email your deposit form and any other supporting documentation to:

Selwyn District Council
PO Box 90


  • Have you sent us your latest audited accounts (if an organisation)?
  • Do your figures add up?
  • Can your contact people be easily reached?
  • Have you listed the applicable dates (if relevant)?
  • Have you listed what fundraising you have completed to date?
  • Have you answered all the questions?

Final Details

I hereby declare that the above information is correct. If the application is successful, my organisation agrees to provide a certificate (which will be sent to me in due course by the local authority) stating that the money received has been spent or is being held in trust for the purpose stated.

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Any enquiries, phone (03) 347-2800 or (03) 318-8338 or email

Applications must be received at least 7 working days before meetings

  • Malvern Community Board meet the 4th Monday of the month
  • Springs, Ellesmere, and Selwyn Central Discretionary Fund Committees meet on the second Wednesday of each month, excluding January, prior to the regular Council meeting

Late applications will be held over until the next meeting.

Retrospective applications are not considered.

Check before submitting: Are your files attached? If you received any submission errors, you will need to re-attach your files.