The Long-Term Plan is supported by Activity Management Plans, which outline and summarise the Council's long-term asset management approach for the provision and management of key services throughout the district, over the 30-year period 2018 to 2048.

Solid Waste Activity Management Plan [PDF, 27232 KB]

Community Facilities Activity Management Plan

Contents.pdf [PDF 590.0 KB]

ExecutiveSummary.pdf [PDF 2.6 MB]

Section_01-06.pdf [PDF 12.8 MB]

5-Waters Activity Management Plan

AcMP-Volume-1-June.pdf [PDF 6.2 MB]

AcMP-Volume-2-Water.pdf [PDF 17.3 MB]

Environmental Services Activity Management Plan

AcMP-Building-2018.PDF [PDF 2.1 MB]