The Selwyn District Plan recognises heritage as those places or objects which people value and associate with their identity, history, events, customs or practices.

Heritage Buildings

The District Plan has a list of buildings and other structures such as war memorials, listed as being important to the community for historic reasons and are therefore protected.

You may check out whether your building is a historic heritage building in E3 Heritage Items in the Rural Volume, and E3 Heritage Items in the Township Volume - Appendices 3 of our District Plan.

District Plan Rules control what can and cannot be done to a heritage building. If you are planning on doing any structural changes you will need a Resource Consent. For any other more superficial repairs please check with a  planner before going ahead.  The Duty Planner can be phoned on 347 2868 or email

To list a building not already in the District Plan, a plan change to the District Plan needs to happen. This process is governed by RMA requirements and you will need a heritage assessment of your building.

For assistance with funding for repair work on heritage buildings, please see Selwyn Heritage Fund

Protected Trees

Our District has many protected trees scattered across it on both public and private properties.  These trees have been listed for protection in our District Plan for various significant historical and botanical reasons. Please see the schedule of protected trees in Appendix EO4 (Township Volume) and Appendix 4 (Rural Volume)

What can I do with my protected tree?

You can use your protected tree and the space around it provided that the tree, including its root system is not damaged. A resource consent may be needed before any proposed activity on your tree can be carried out.

Please see the rules in the Township Volume or the Rural Volume of the District Plan or contact the Duty Planner on 347 2868 or email

What should I do if I think a protected tree has become hazardous?

Please contact us if you think a protected tree is potentially hazardous so we can arrange for a qualified specialist to conduct an assessment of the tree, before yourself or anyone else takes further action.

If you see overhead power lines affecting a protected tree please contact us immediately.

Sparks around Power Lines

If you see sparks or suspect the tree has voltage affecting it please phone Orion (your power supplier) immediately.

More information

For further information, please contact the Duty Planner on 347 2868 or email