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Questions and latest news about the Selwyn Heritage Fund

Selwyn Heritage Fund 2021- Applications opening in June

Applications for the Selwyn Heritage Fund 2021 will open from 1 June to 13 July.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Council on 0800 SELWYN (735 996), or email

About the Fund

Who can apply for funding?

The fund is open to residents and ratepayers of the Selwyn district and is administered by the Selwyn District Council via a nominated panel.

What is the fund for?

The purpose of the fund is to encourage and assist owners with work required to maintain and enhance heritage buildings in the District as well as work required on protected trees.

What is a heritage item?

The Selwyn District Plan has a list of buildings, trees and other structures, such as war memorials, listed as being important to the community and are therefore protected.
Often repairs to heritage items are more costly to repair and like materials are now not readily available.

When is the fund open?

The Selwyn Heritage Fund will open for approximately 6 weeks usually in the middle of the year. Late applications will not be considered.

How much funding can I apply for?

It is a contestable fund that is distributed among successful applicants as grants (anywhere from $500-$7,500). Funds usually cover part of the work to be done with applicants making up the difference. Payment is made upon receipt of the work being done.

Who administers the fund?

Selwyn District Council has appointed a panel made up of two Councillors, a heritage architect, two heritage advisers and a Council staff member to assess the applications and decide which projects to fund.

Facts about the fund:

  • Funding is given as a grant, which is paid once the physical work has been completed.
  • Grants can be anywhere from $500 to $7,500 and will only cover part of the cost of the project.
  • The fund is open for applications once a year.
  • You need to obtain quotes for your project prior to submitting your application.
  • The project you undertake should be maintaining or enhancing the heritage character of your building. New kitchens or bathrooms don't count.
  • You can apply to get assistance with arborist work on listed protected trees.

What kind of projects can be funded?

Previous successful applicants have received grants for:

  • Fireplace restoration
  • Brickwork
  • Roof and guttering repairs
  • Enhancement to heritage features
  • Window and glass replacement

Protected Trees are also covered by the fund.

Note: Success in gaining funding depends on the applications received year to year, not just on the type of project.

Selwyn Heritage Fund 2018 - Successful Applicants

$ allocated

Cotons Cottage Shelving for museum items   $1,750
Water Turbine and Well Building Homebush Repairs to the water turbine $2,500
Gunyah, Glenroy Expose original ceiling height and replace windows $3,500
Workers Cottage, Steventon Whitecliffs Structural Repairs $1,000
Brick Cookhouse, Steventon Whitecliffs Structural Repairs $1,000
Farm Shed, Steventon Whitecliffs Structural Repairs $500
Tunnelers Cottage, Arthurs Pass Rotting window replacement $250
St Peters Church, Springfield Exterior painting and repairs $8,500
Pine House, Waddington Replacement of four windows $600
Halkett Church Graveyard, Halkett Headstone Repairs $3,600
Ellesmere RSA Rooms, Leeston Toughened Glass  $300
Carroll Cottage, Ellesmere Heritage Park Leeston      News Foundations   $4,000
Strathlachlan Stables, Doyleston Replacement of iron roof   $5,000
Lincoln Union Church Old fuse board Replacement and Asbestos remediation $2,500
All Saints Church, Prebbleton Repair Damaged Lead Light Windows $1,750
Ladbrooks Primary School, Ladbrooks Pruning heritage trees $350
Homebush, Hororata Removing dead wood $700
Tai Tapu School Removing dead and Diseased branches and pruning $2,100

Other Funding Available

Heritage EQUIP is an earthquake upgrade incentive programme administered by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.  If you are required to undertake earthquake strengthening on your heritage building, Heritage EQUIP have funding available for both obtaining professional advice and undertaking earthquake strengthening work.  Find out more at

The 'National Heritage Preservation Incentive Fund' that is managed by Heritage New Zealand. This can provide funding up to $100,000.00 at up to 50% of the cost of works. Funding is available to owners of privately owned buildings on the NZ Heritage List.

What is Heritage?