Details about the Selwyn Natural Environment Fund - how you can apply, and application form


About the Fund

The Selwyn Natural Environment Fund (SNEF) is a contestable fund that was established in response to the continuing decline of native biodiversity in the Selwyn District.

The fund is available to encourage and support landowners and members of the community to enhance and restore native biodiversity in the Selwyn District.

The fund is open to residents  and rate payers (individuals or groups) of the Selwyn District for work on private land.

SNEF will be a grant rather than a loan.

Protection of Our Natural Environment

Many areas of private land in the Selwyn District contain patches of vegetation that harbor rare, restricted or threatened native species - both plant and animal.

They include areas of forest, bush, tussock, scrub and wetland, many of which have been classified as Significant Natural Areas. Although much native vegetation has been cleared or drained for farming and other activities, some patches have been left alone or actively conserved by landholders.

A growing number of landowners are protecting and restoring areas of native vegetation on their land.

First Priority

The fund's first priority is to protect those sites that have been identified by an ecological assessment as significant or potentially significant, particularly where they face threats  - for example from pest plants and animals, and stock damage.

Second Priority

Its second priority is to help restore, enhance and protect sites that are not yet significant, but would benefit from enhancement and protection.

The  fund is also available for:

  • planting eco-sourced native vegetation for restoration purposes
  • mammalian predator control

How To Apply

Applications for the Selwyn Natural Environment Fund closes at 5.00pm on the last Friday in May. 

Late submissions will be accepted but will not be assessed or considered by the Assessment Panel until the following year.

The Guidelines and Application Form below are both in small pdf documents


Application Form (PDF)

Application Form (Word DOC)

Our Online Application Form is currently unavailable

More Information

If you would like to discuss your application further, please contact Andy Spanton on Ph 347-2907 or Denise Ford on Ph 347-2788 or email