Preschool Education


Two dimensions to nzWordTrees
1. Language-Early Reading Specialist - Helping parents nurture their Under Five year old's language and reading abilities before they start school.
In a fun, easy play-based way. Workshops for parents, and individual sessions for Under Five year olds (toddlers and preschoolers).
2. As a Speech-Language Therapist - helping children whose speech and/or language development needs more focused support

What Makes us different

I am providing a service for the Under Five year olds. My method is absolutely in alignment with Te Whariki and in a play-based, fun, and informal way - no one else is doing this. My work with parents and provision of individual sessions with children supporting their language and reading learning, before they go to school - is unique. 40 years broad experience as Speech-Language Therapist and Language-Early Reading Specialist Extensive knowledge Qualifications - PhD in education language and literacy (university of Canterbury)

Core Products and Services

Individual sessions with children (speech-language therapy) Individual sessions with children under five (language and reading skills learning) Workshops for Parents about how they can nurture their preschoolers language and reading skills before they start school Booklet: Helping Your Preschooler learn more language and reading skills before school Booklet: Helping Toddlers with their Spoken Language