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ReCycle ReCreate

At ReCycle ReCreate we take items destined for landfill, remnants and deadstock and turn them into new items. Giving them a new lease in life, a new purpose and saving the amount of premature waste going to landfill.
You'll be surprised what we make things from!

What Makes us different

Most of our products are unique, one-offs, limited editions. So you may see them as out of stock on our website , but it gives you an idea of what we make. We know its hard to go zero waste, but we believe that if everyone does a small bit, then it adds up...just like a jigsaw puzzle to make a bigger brighter future for future generations to come. Our products have many uses and are only limited by your imagination. Some of our products can be used for several different purposes. We encourage you to think outside of the square, like we do! Our products are made right here in Prebbleton, made out of passion.

Core Products and Services

We have a huge evolving and changing range of products from firewood carriers, frost windscreen covers, bike panniers, messenger, tote, grocery, produce, bulk bin, bread bags to purses, wallets, pouches cutlery wraps and more. Check out our current stock online.

We Deliver!

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