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Aletheia Apparel

Aletheia Apparel began with the goal of making long-lasting, perfect fitting, versatile clothing that is as unique as its wearer.

Limited production ensures our customers stand out in a crowd. The quality workmanship ensures that our brand values of exclusivity and outstanding quality are never compromised. Start collecting your favourite pieces now and enjoy them forever – safe in the knowledge that everything is made to last.

High-quality, well-designed clothes will be loved. And loved clothes last. Each Aletheia garment is curated with comfort, pleasing aesthetic, and longevity in mind. Textiles are hand-picked from suppliers that will feel good, wash well, and look good for a long time, if taken care of. We believe in clothing that you can love for years. As a small brand, Aletheia may not be everything to everyone, but we are confident in the efforts being put forth–to educate and inspire already thoughtful customers into becoming more conscious consumers by buying fewer, higher-quality pieces that stand the test of time.

Aletheia garments are ethically made-to-order here in the Canterbury region of New Zealand. Choosing to produce this way avoids waste from overproduction of sizes and colours that don’t sell. This means the lead time for made-to-order garments is about 4 weeks. During that time wardrobes are cut, sewn, and finished with a close eye for detail and quality. Since it is small-batch runs, often limited editions, this means just you and a few others will own anything like it.

What Makes us different

You design your own garments and every purchase helps the New Zealand Cancer Society. For each jewellery piece or accessory, $4.00 is donated to the society. For every other purchase, one of our exclusive Megan Hats is given to the NZ Cancer Society.

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Women's made-to-measure clothing: dresses, pants, hats, accessories, jewellery

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