The list below gives examples of

  • what is potentially considered as a minor variation or an amendment, and
  • the required level of information required for each.

Minor variation

ExamplesWhat's required
  • Shower membrane change from one proprietary product to another (eg Ardex to Davco)
  • Insulation change batts to rigid foam (eg fiberglass to polystyrene), same or better R rating
  • Cladding change for unlined IL1 or ancillary building
  • Shower type change from tiled to acrylic
  • Cladding change – second cladding being replaced by the primary cladding (NOT A FULL CHANGE OF A CONSENTED CLADDING SYSTEM), includes changing the percentages of each cladding type already consented
  • Walls – minor change in location of internal non-load bearing wall
  • Remove carport, ancillary building or detached outbuilding off the plans – update the description of work (email
  • Minor plan change that doesn’t change the building’s footprint (doesn’t alter load paths through the building)
  • Minor change to elevation to reposition a window or bracing element (no change to details or compliance path) and
    • must not alter load paths,
    • not reduce the capacity of the bracing element, and
    • have no district plan rule implications
  • Minor plan change to setback from boundaries that
    • have no district plan implications, and
    • don’t require re-assessing external fire spread to relevant boundaries

    Reasons for acceptance to confirm the new plan in the document received

    • has the residential building sited further away from the boundaries, or
    • the boundary distances on a rural lot are so great that it is of no consequence
  • Drains – as-built simple residential drainage changes and/or alterations
  • Minor detail changes to lintel/beam connections (eg Pryda fixings substituted for Mitek, or NZS3604 on a lintel)
  • Foundation depth increase to find firm good ground in an isolated soft spot
  • Framing centers in studs allow alternative stud sizes under NZS3604 table 8.2
  • Revised plans, product specifications and installation manuals
  • Letter from owner detailing the change
  • Documents to be uploaded to the required documents section of the BC in AlphaOne

Amendment needed

ExamplesWhat's required
  • Codemarked product substitution of any component will void the CodeMark and require an amended solution
  • Cladding change, not originally consented
  • External membrane change
  • SFH type change from free standing to inbuilt or change of make and model
  • Cladding product change to IL2/habitable buildings, a change in proprietary systems like Hebel to Integra
  • Relocation or removal of internal load bearing supports
  • Change to fire rated elements
  • Change to pool fence
  • Structural element change
  • On-site waste water system
  • Increased footprint
  • Foundations change block to poured in-situ or vice versa
  • Bracing change where a substantial part of the bracing element is changed (eg all of the garage bracing is changed from GIB bracing to MDF)
  • Shower type change from acrylic to tiled
  • Full documentation – including application for an amendment identifying changes
  • Planning clearance for increases in footprint