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A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) is a report prepared by the Council that includes any information or knowledge held by the Council relating to a specific property.

Today's LIM Report

Check when your LIM is due to be issued. View today's LIM Processing Report [PDF, 126 KB].

If you have lodged a LIM request with us and your request does not show on this report, please contact us at, or call 0800 SELWYN (735 996).

Who might require a LIM

  • Property Buyers and Sellers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Valuers
  • Solicitors

If you are buying a property, a LIM may answer some important questions that need to be asked about the land or any buildings on the property.

A LIM will tell you what the Council knows about the property or any issues that may affect it. Knowing this information may be vital before a property purchase is finalised.

When selling a property, you have a responsibility to disclose important information about your property.

Information contained in a LIM

The following types of information may be included in a LIM:

Note: Council can only provide information that it holds at the time the report is written. Some issues may exist of which the Council is unaware and on which the Council has no information.

  1. Information on special land features, including:

    Erosion potential
    Avulsion potential (removal of land by water action)
    Alluvion potential (the deposit of silt from water)
    Land fill
    Subsidence potential
    Slippage potential
    Inundation potential (flooding)
    Potential presence of hazardous substances
    Presence of historical buildings or trees
    Archaeological sites

  2. Details on private and public storm water, sewerage and drainage systems including maps, where available, as shown in Council’s records.
  3. Outstanding sewer/water loan charges
  4. Information relating to Government Valuation
  5. Information concerning any certificate, permit, consent, notice, order or requisition affecting the land or any building on the land issued by the Council (Whether under the Building Act 2004, Resource Management Act 1991, or any other Act).
  6. Information concerning access, road type and classification
  7. Other information concerning the land which the Council considers to be relevant.

NOTE: Environment Canterbury may have information on matters that affect a particular property or on effects caused by surrounding properties. Information should be sought from them if concern exists - Environment Canterbury, Phone (03) 365-3828 or Fax (03) 365-3194.

Apply for a LIM

A LIM costs $250.00. Applications must be made on the official LIM Application Form, and be completed in full. In order to correctly identify the property concerned a current search copy of the Certificate of Title is also required.

Account holders and Non-Account holders can apply online, or download a printable application form. Forms are also available online and from any of the Selwyn District Council Service Centres. Email LIM applications or enquiries to

Council has 10 working days in which to provide a Land Information Memorandum. The 10 day period does not start until the application has been vetted and any incorrect information corrected and then entered into the system.

Cancel a LIM

If you have requested a LIM and no longer required it, and if we have not yet completed this LIM, you can request a cancellation online.

Cancel a LIM online