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Private Plan Change 3 Weedons Ross Road, West Melton is a private plan change request. All the documents regarding the plan change are listed below.

Public Notice [PDF 81.1 KB]
Plan Change Request [PDF 395.4 KB]
Appendices 2 to 6 [PDF 1.2 MB]
PC3 Map [PDF 1.2 MB]
Submissions Received [PDF 2.3 MB]
Summary [PDF 30.9 KB]
S05 Henderson [PDF 210.7 KB]
S15 Nesbitt [PDF 123.4 KB]
Officers Report [PDF 951.8 KB]
PC3 Hearing Timetable [PDF 32.4 KB]
DP Map 018 [PDF 1015.5 KB]
DP Maps 086 [PDF 399.7 KB]
DP Map 088 [PDF 424.4 KB]
ODP following Decision [PDF 711.2 KB]