Preschool classes (six months to five years)

Parent/child classes

Monday–Sunday from 8:30am

25 minute lessons

Price: $10 per lesson

These classes are aimed at children six months to three years familiarising themselves with the water. Parents are required in the water and there is a 1:8 ratio.

These classes are aged grouped and classes include: activities to gain children’s awareness and confidence in the water, interactive songs and activities, safe movement in and around the pool environment, submersions and essential water-safety skills in the water.

6–12 months

12–24 months

24–36 months

We also offer advanced Jellyfish and Turtle classes. These require instructor recommendation.

Preschool classes

Monday–Sunday from 9am

20 minute lessons

Price: $12 per lesson

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These are small groups (1:3 ratio) for children aged three and four years old. For these levels, the children go without their parents in the water. These classes focus on improving confidence in and around the water as well developing essential water safety skills.

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Safe Entries and exits

Safe movement through water

Exploration of the pool environment

Blow Bubbles

Independent Submersion

Developed kicking & arm movements

Assisted Front Float

Assisted back float

Water Safety

Independent front float

Independent back float

Independent Glide

Streamline kicking using aid

Independent back kick using aids

Independent streamline automatic kick

Seated Dive

Kicking with arm movements

Assisted rolling log with breath control

Water Safety

Introduce duck dives

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Independent back kick.

Duck Dives

Well Developed kick technique

Introduction to freestyle arm strokes


Independent rolling log


Introduction to backstroke arm strokes

Swimming without goggles.

Introduction to 25m pool

Water Safety Activities


Introduced to Freestyle breathing

Frog swimming (basic Breaststroke)


25 m pool Activities

Standing Dive

Independent swim, turn & return to poolside

Swim competently without goggles

Water Safety