School age classes (five years and over)

Our classes focus on providing a fun and encouraging environment where children can learn the correct technique.

Our levels range from Aqua 1 to Aqua 9. Our first eight levels are 25 minutes, while our aqua 9 class is 45 minutes. We do not run a squad programme, but we work closely with Selwyn Swim Club and students can progress into their programme from ours.

Aqua 1-5 have a 1:5 ratio, Aqua 6 has a 1:6 ration, Aqua 7 has a 1:7 ratio and aqua 8 and 9 have a 1:8 ratio.

Lessons run Monday – Friday from 3.30pm and weekends from 8:30am

Price: $12 per lesson

Visit our Youtube Channel to see what each level involves!

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Our levels:



Independent front float + regain feet

Bubbles + Breath control

Safe entries and exits


Freestyle kick technique (with aid)

Independent Back float + regain feet

Streamline glide from wall

Seated dive and glide


Streamline backstroke kick technique (with aid)

Freestyle kick in streamline

Freestyle Kick in breathing position (with aid)

Freestyle arms (with aid)

Jump into water and roll onto back


Backstroke kick with rotation

Backstroke arms (standing/walking/swim) with aid

Freestyle 10 strokes breathing every 3rd (with aid)

Sculling (scull on back with hands by side with kick)


Freestyle 12.5m (no aid)

Backstroke 8 strokes (no aid)

Butterfly Kick

No goggle swim (12.5m any stroke)


25m Freestyle

12.5m Backstroke

Breaststroke Kick technique

Tread water (60 sec)


50m Freestyle

Freestyle Tumble Turn

25m Backstroke

Breaststroke Kick + Breath timing

Breaststroke Arms + Breath timing

Butterfly Kick in streamline 25m

Intermediate Dive

Tread water + raise arm for help (60 sec)


75m Freestyle

50m Backstroke

Backstroke Tumble Turns

25m Breaststroke (with full timing)

Fly arms + timing

Standing dive


100m Freestyle

75m Backstroke

50m Breaststroke

Breaststroke Turns + Pullout

25m Butterfly

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are available upon request either one to one or two to one tuition. Please note these are scheduled around our group lessons and most private lessons run after 6pm (limited availability 3:30pm-6pm).

Price: $30 for a 20 minute private, $40 for a 30 minute private.

Holiday lessons

We offer a holiday block of daily lessons (Monday–Friday) for school age children. These lessons are a great way to strengthen swimming skills over the holidays.

Price: $65 for 5 days, 25 minute lessons