Food Control Plans

What is verification?

A verification is normally a scheduled meeting that looks at the processes involved in your business. Verifiers are professionals who will visit your business to check you are selling safe and suitable food. The verifier will check you are following your Food Control Plan effectively and keeping all the records you need. They will give feedback on areas that need improvement.

We are able to complete the verification for the template Food Control Plan businesses.

When to get verified

Your first verification happens after you are registered.

If you are a new business, you must arrange for your verifier to visit within six weeks of becoming registered.

Frequency of visits

How often you are checked will depend on how successfully you are managing food safety. This could be as little as once every 18 months for a template Food Control Plan, if you are managing food safety well. It could be as often as every three months if you are not doing well.

National Programmes

Selwyn District Council is not a recognised verifier for National Programme registered businesses, therefore you will need to engage and receive confirmation from a recognised third party verifier if your business falls under this registration sector. Your appointed and confirmed recognised third party verifier will contact you when they need to schedule the verification with you. Please also be aware verification does incur a cost.