Lower and medium risk businesses follow a national programme. This means they don't need to use written food control plans, but must register the business, meet food safety standards, keep some records, and get checked (verified).NP3 guidance front page

There are three levels of National Programmes:

  • NP 3 - Higher Risk
  • NP 2 - Medium Risk
  • NP 1 - Lowest Risk

These businesses are required to registered every two years. Although the council undergoes the registration function, the verification must be carried out by an approved verifier.

Verifiers are professionals from an independent agency who will visit your business to check you are selling safe and suitable food. Before we register your food business, you need to choose a verifier. Ask them for confirmation that they will verify your business and include this in your registration application.

MPI maintains a list of verifiers who can verify your business.

For more information, please view the MPI web page Information on National Programmes. Here we recommend that you download and implement the guidance documents that MPI have provided or call for assistance.