Grounds for appeal and how to appeal

If you want to appeal a parking infringement, we must receive an explanation in writing from you on or before the last due date for payment. Please ensure you include as much supporting information as possible to help us understand your appeal.

Grounds for appeal

To appeal a parking infringement, you will need to provide a valid reason to support your dispute. Reasons we will consider include the following:

  • Another person was using your vehicle. Drivers are responsible for any fines they incur. If you received a parking infringement and were not the driver at the time of the offence, you must advise us of the person responsible by completing the Statutory Declaration Form as part of your appeal. Dependent on the information provide, we may transfer the liability to the person described on the form.
  • Your vehicle was stolen. If you receive a parking infringement for an offence that happened when your vehicle was reported stolen, you must provide a copy of the Police report of the incident.
  • Information on the infringement notice is incorrect.
  • There was an emergency. Please provide evidence to support your request for appeal. This could include a medical or mechanical report.

How to appeal

Appeal online. You must complete the Appeal a Parking Infringement Form.

Appeal in writing. You must include the following information as part of your written request.

  • The infringement notice number and vehicle registration number
  • your full name and postal address
  • your explanation
  • any supporting evidence.

You must post your request to:

Parking Safety Team
Selwyn District Council
2 Norman Kirk drive
PO Box 90
Rolleston 7643

If your appeal is declined

If you believe you have grounds to continue appealing your infringement after we decline it, you can choose to have the matter heard by the Courts and request a Court hearing. We must receive your request for Court hearing within 56 days of the infringement being issued in writing by post or by email at

It is a good idea to seek legal advice from a lawyer, community law or citizens advice. You can find information about going to court on the Ministry of Justice Website.