Recycling is collected fortnightly in 240 litre yellow lid wheelie bins and is a compulsory charge for households on the collection route. Householders who do not live on the collection route but would like to participate in the recycling collection can opt to order two black recycling crates which can be transported to a collection point.

Image of Recycling BinThere is a 60kg weight restriction on the bin. If your bin is too heavy it may be tagged by the contractor with a note informing you why it was not emptied.

To request a yellow-top recycling wheelie bin contact the Council's Helpline or use our Bin Request Form.

Where to place your binHow to use your bin
  • Put your bin on the footpath, grass verge or berm closest to where the collection vehicle passes. Please do not place bins on the road.
  • The bin should be clear of trees and other obstructions.
  • Place the bin facing the road. The arrows on the lid indicate the correct placement.
  • Allow half a metre between adjacent bins and/or obstructions.
  • Make sure you don't overfill your bin - the lid must be closed for collection.
  • Extra items placed next to or on top of the bin will not be collected (except for official Council rubbish bags placed next to the bin).
  • Put your bins out at kerbside by 6.30am on collection day, and bring them back in the same day.
  • Only place clean, loose (not bagged) recycling in your bin. Bagged recycling is treated as refuse by the machinery that sorts the recycling.