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  • Fees and Charges

    Selwyn allows for residents to choose from various options to meet their solid waste needs - find out what you can order and the associated costs.

An online form to complete


  • Property owners can use this form below to request changes to their property bins (incl. tenanted properties).
  • Please only fill in the form section(s) relevant to your request.
  • All bins costs are charged quarterly on rates.
  • New home owners must ensure for all bin deliveries that their house number is clearly displayed.
  • On receipt of your request, we will contact you within two working days to confirm order.

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Property and owner details

Owner Name: *
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Is the property tenanted? *
(If yes, the request must be made by the property owner)
Property Address: *
(of property where bins will be collected)

Tenant Email Address (if known) It will be used for delivery information

For New-Builds: Move-in date:

Adding new bins for this property

Check our fees and charges page.

Please inform the number of new bins of each type requested:
Refuse 240 litre (Weekly collection)
Refuse 80 litre (Weekly collection)
Recycling 240 litre (Compulsory charge for properties on the collection route, fortnightly collection)
Organic 240 litre (Available in some townships only, weekly collection)
Crates 2x 60 litre (Off-route properties only, fortnightly collection)

Cancelling/removing a bin on this property

(if applicable)

Bin Type:
Serial Number:

Note: A minimum of one Recycling bin per property on the collection route is compulsory. Should you want your recycling bin removed, the cost for the service will still be applied to your property.

Repairing a damaged bin

(if applicable)

Bin Type:
Serial Number:
(please describe the type and extent
of damage, eg burnt, lid broken)