Which Councillor is responsible for which area of interest?
2019-2022 AppointmentAppointee
Internal Committee appointments
Council Executive Mayor Sam Broughton & two Councillors
Audit and Risk Committee Cr Lemon (Chair), Cr Mugford, Cr Reid, Cr Epiha & Cr Hasson
Creative NZ Arts Assessment Committee Cr Bland
SPARC Rural Travel Fund Cr Mugford, Cr Epiha & Cr Alexander
Community Fund Distribution Cr Epiha, Cr Bland, Cr Lyall and Cr Gallagher
District Plan Committee Group Manager Environmental & Regulatory Services (Chair), Mayor Sam Broughton and All Councillors, two Rūnanga representatives, & an Environment Canterbury Representative  
District Plan Hearings Either one of Cr Alexander; Cr Hasson, Cr Lyall, Cr Reid, or Cr Epiha
Representation Review Committee Mayor Sam Broughton, Cr Alexander, Cr Miller, Cr Gallagher & Cr Epiha
SDC Youth CouncilCr Epiha & Cr McInnes
Citizenship CeremoniesMayor Broughton, Deputy Mayor (Cr Lyall), plus two Councillors (by rotation)
Selwyn Central Discretionary Fund CommitteeCr Reid (Chair), Cr Alexander (Dep Chair), Cr McInnes & Cr Bland
Springs Ellesmere Discretionary Fund CommitteeCr Lemon (Chair), Cr Lyall (Dep Chair), Cr Miller, Cr Hasson & Cr Epiha
External Committee Appointments
Animal Ethics CommitteeCr Mugford
Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Joint Committee Mayor Broughton
Canterbury Joint Waste Committee Cr Miller
Canterbury Landfill Joint Committee Cr Miller
Canterbury Neighbourhood Support Cr Hasson
Canterbury Museum Trust Board Penny Hoogerwerf
Canterbury Regional Pest Management Cr Mugford
Canterbury Sports Foundation Cr Alexander
Central Plains Water Trust Joint Standing Committee Cr Lemon & Cr Mugford
Christchurch Little River Rail Trust Cr Reid
Christchurch West Melton Zone Water ManagementCr McInnes
Coleridge Habitat TrustCr Mugford
Ellesmere Heritage TrustCr Epiha
Ellesmere Reserve BoardCr Epiha & Cr Lemon
Environment Canterbury Biosecurity Advisory Group

Central - Cr Mugford; Banks Peninsula - Cr Bland

Greater Christchurch PartnershipMayor Sam Broughton, Cr Lyall & Cr McInnes
Greater Christchurch Public Transport Joint CommitteeCr Reid
Hazardous Waste Working Party Cr Miller
LGNZ Rural & Provincial / Zone 6 delegationMayor Sam Broughton, Chief Executive, and up to three Councillors (per meeting)
McLean Institute (Mayoral Appointment) Mayor Sam Broughton
Malvern Community BoardCr Gallagher & Cr Mugford
Passenger Transport Advisory Group Cr Reid
Pest Free Banks Peninsula Project OversightCr Bland
Regional Land Transport CommitteeMayor Sam Broughton
Te Waihora Co Governance CommitteeMayor Sam Broughton
Selwyn / Ashburton Rep on CWMS Regional CommitteeCr Bland
Selwyn Heritage FundCr Mugford & Cr Bland
Selwyn Natural Environment Fund (SNEFund)Cr Lemon, Cr Lyall & Cr Reid         
Selwyn Waihora Zone Water Management CommitteeCr Reid
Summit Road Protection Authority Cr Bland
Summit Road Society Cr Bland
Te Puna Wai o Tuhinapo Community Liaison Committee Cr McInnes & Cr Epiha
ECan Land Drainage
* Rakaia Cr Lemon
* Selwyn River Cr Hasson
* Halswell Cr Lyall
* Lake Ellesmere Cr Epiha
* Waimakariri/Eyre/Cust   River Protection Cr McInnes