A certificate for public use (CPU) will allow your building to be used where a building consent has been granted for building work and no code compliance certificate issued for the work.

You won’t be able to open your building to the public until

  • you’ve paid for and received a certificate for public use, and
  • you've had an inspection completed to check that you have the necessary safety steps in place for the public (eg hoardings or fences).

Before applying you’ll need to book a pre-application meeting with us to discuss your requirements and stage of your build.

If agreed at the meeting you can then apply and pay the fee for submitting your application. In addition to this initial fee you’ll also be invoiced on a time and cost basis for the time spent processing your application.

We have 20 working days to review your application and make a decision on whether we will issue you with a CPU.

Information you will need to supply with your certificate for public use application includes

  • plans showing the areas for public access and planned management of hazards
  • energy works certificates (electrical and gas if applicable)
  • producer statements (PS3’s) for the install or alteration of any specified systems
  • producer statement construction review/s (PS4) for any engineered works
  • confirmation that accessible facilities are appropriate for the areas to be open to the public
  • confirmation surface finishes have been completed as per the approved fire report and specifications
  • payment of the application fee.

You may be asked to supply other documents while your application is being reviewed to help determine that your building will be safe for public use.

Commonly failed items for a CPU inspection

  • general accessibility – all accessible areas need to either be completed or an appropriate temporary solution in place for us to be able to deem it suitable for public use (ie accessible parking, ramps)
  • accessible bathrooms – all work needs to be completed, with all sanitary items and accessible features in place (ie grab rails, kick plates, appropriate door handles/locks)
  • general bathroom areas – all work needs to be complete, with all sanitary items in place (ie soap dispensers, paper towels, bins, toilet roll holders and paper)
  • hot water – this is required to be on and up to temperature for site inspection.

Once you receive your certificate for public use, check your certificate

  • for any special conditions that you need to follow, and
  • validity period – which is the time by which you either need to have an issued
    • code compliance certificate, or
    • an extension to the certificate for public use.

If during continued building work you want to open up additional areas that aren’t covered under the CPU you will need to speak with us. You will need to apply to amend your CPU and may need another inspection. As soon as all building work is completed you will still need to apply for your code compliance certificate.