We encourage you to apply for your code compliance certificate before you book your final inspection.

Online application

The easiest way to apply is online via AlphaOne.

If your building consent was lodged online and you are set up as a registered user you can apply by logging into AlphaOne. More details on using AlphaOne is available in our guide [PDF, 707 KB].

Where you don’t have access to your project in AlphaOne you can ask for access from

  • your agent (or the company you are contracted to if you are a contractor), or
  • register for a login and contact us for access to your project.

You can still apply for a code compliance certificate for any building work carried out from a building consent issued before 2013 – see hardcopy application [PDF, 434 KB].

Hardcopy form application

Alternatively you can apply using the hard copy Application for Code Compliance Certificate [PDF, 434 KB] form and

  • email this to bca@selwyn.govt.nz
  • bring it into Council headquarters
  • provide to the inspector onsite at final inspection.

If your building consent number is before 130000 you’ll need to complete a hard copy application form. Your application may be processed by an external contractor .

What to supply with your application

The minimum you'll need to supply is:

  • your code compliance certificate application, with all parts of the application form completed correctly
  • energy works certificates for any electrical or gas work
  • licensed building practitioners (LBP) record of works documents with (but not limited to) the following information
    • building consent number
    • registration number
    • project site address
    • scope of work completed
    • code clauses the completed work meets
    • date and the LBP’s signature

The 20 working day statutory clock starts only once all the above is provided. We may ask for other reasonable information to be satisfied that the building work complies.

You can check you have provided everything you need by using our checklist for code compliance certificate [PDF, 233 KB].

Construction templates

We have a range of construction statement templates available for trades to use to support their code compliance documentation covering

Please note that we can’t accept any producer or construction statements on the form of another building consent authority.

Additional considerations for commercial building code compliance

In addition to the above, commercial, industrial or communal (public use) buildings may have further requirements to meet code compliance. This depends on whether specified systems have been installed in the building (eg safety and essential systems including sprinklers, fire alarms, escalators, etc).

Owners of these types of buildings are responsible for the ongoing compliance of their building for the safety of people entering, occupying or working in it.

If your building has specified systems you’ll also need to submit with your code compliance application

  • proof that the specified systems are capable of performing to the performance standards in your building consent
  • installer’s certification and producer statement.

You’ll be issued with a compliance schedule and compliance schedule statement for the specified systems before we issue your code compliance certificate.

For more details on compliance schedules see our information on building consent granted.