You can occupy a residential building before your code compliance certificate is issued. Before you do however we suggest you check the conditions of your build contract and with your insurance company first.

Public premises

If your building is open to the public, whether for free or a charge, it can’t be used or occupied until a code compliance certificate is issued.

This is because public premises generally have specified systems for the safety and wellbeing of the building users. These systems need to be certified before public can occupy or use the building.

Public buildings include

  • shopping malls, cinemas
  • marae
  • camping grounds
  • garages and workshops
  • funeral homes
  • office and/or retail complexes
  • rest homes, etc.

It may be possible to apply for a certificate for public use under section 362W of the Building Act 2004.

Certificate of public use

You can apply for a certificate for public use (CPU) for your commercial building if you want to open any part of your building to the public while

  • a code compliance certificate hasn’t been issued, or
  • building work is being done.

This allows your building, or parts of your building, to be used in the interim under certain conditions.

Each certificate for public use application is considered on a case by case basis. Before applying you’ll need to book a pre-application meeting to discuss your requirements and stage of your build. If agreed at the meeting you can then apply and pay the fee for submitting your application.

Please note that you will be invoiced additionally on a time and cost basis for the time spent processing your application. You can’t open your building to the public until you have paid all costs and been issued with your certificate.

As soon as all building work is completed you‘ll need to apply for your code compliance certificate.