Your code compliance certificate is issued after the work has been assessed for compliance against the building code and supplied documentation. An inspector may refuse a code compliance application if they can’t be satisfied on reasonable grounds that the completed work complies.

A code compliance certificate may not be issued where

  • you’ve been granted an extension to complete your build
  • an application for code compliance hasn’t been received
  • remedial work is required
  • you may require an application for a building code clause B2 (durability) modification amendment to your building consent due to the age of your building consent
  • there is a ban on a product or building methods used on your building.

Remedial work

During inspections work can be identified that doesn’t meet your consented plans or specifications. Generally an inspector will note this on the inspection report to rectify, or may issue a notice to fix. This work will need to be corrected before your build can be signed off.

If needed, you can apply again for a code compliance after the remedial work has been completed.

Durability modification

If your building was completed for quite some time before you apply for your code compliance certificate then we’ll need to consider the durability of your building. Issuing a code compliance certificate may need

  • an inspection to help to assess durability of your building, and
  • a formal amendment that modifies the original building consent.

The amendment is to change the performance requirement B2.3.1 to the time the most significant parts of the consented building work was completed, instead of from the date of issue of your code compliance certificate.

An inspector will let you know after the inspection whether you need to have a modification amendment. You can use our standard building consent application form [PDF, 274 KB] for an amendment – see our application process for more details.

Concerns over the decision

If your code compliance has been refused and you feel this isn’t justified you can contact us. Please see our information on providing feedback which explains

  • our complaint process, and
  • information on Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment determinations should you wish to take your complaint further.