How the code compliance certificate statutory clock works

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Building consents under the Building Act 2004

Once we receive your code compliance certificate application we can take up to 20 working days to process it.

Generally we issue code compliance certificates within a few days. Your application can be put on hold however if we

  • are waiting for you to supply further information, and/or
  • we need an additional inspection to help decide that the work complies with the consent.

To help avoid delays with issuing your code compliance certificate, we encourage you or your agent to submit the required documentation and records of work during your build.

Where you don’t apply for a code compliance certificate within two years of the date your building consent was granted we can

  • agree with you for an extension to finish the work and submit your code compliance application, or
  • make a decision to grant or refuse a code compliance certificate.

Building consents under the Building Act 1991

If your building consent was granted under the Building Act 1991, your code compliance certificate is issued against the building code that was in place when your consent was granted.

We don’t have a statutory timeframe in which to consider code compliance certificate applications for consents granted under the 1991 Building Act.

Therefore if you are thinking of selling your home, you’ll want to allow yourself a longer timeframe to get your code compliance certificate. Because the longer building work is left before applying for a code compliance certificate, the harder it is to decide

  • if the work complies with the building consent and the building code, and
  • whether the building work will continue to comply with the durability requirements of the building code at that time.

See our code compliance certificate publication [PDF, 2686 KB] for more information on durability.


Code compliance certificates are only issued once all fees have been paid, including any outstanding development contributions, if applicable. If you have any development contributions due this will be noted on a certificate attached to your building consent.

We’ll let you know if you have any outstanding fees due.