How the code compliance certificate statutory clock works.

Within the customer portal

  • Submit your code compliance certificate application. The statutory clock starts at this point.
  • If all required documents have been provided a pop up will appear in the customer portal advising the applicant to book the final inspection if the "Final" box shows as grey on the portal.
  • If not all of the required documents have been provided the clock stops, and a pop up will appear advising that the application has been accepted but placed on "hold" until all required documents have been provided.

Within council portal

  • All code compliance certificate applications are displayed on "CCC - Decision to Issue" dashboard with the number of statutory days displayed.
  • Where the CCC application was put on hold – once the required documents are submitted the statutory clock restarts.
  • If required documents do not comply or the final fails, the applicant is to remediate by either requesting a reinspection and/or supplying the required documents.
  • If required documents are confirmed as complying and the building work is completed and all inspections passed then the code compliance certificate will be issued. The statutory clock stops.