Fees due

Before we can release your building consent you’ll need to pay the relevant fees as advised – see our fees schedule for details on our fees, hourly charges and levies.

Your invoice will include fees for

  • administration associated with your building consent
  • processing of your consent
  • the inspections required as listed on your building consent documents
  • work associated with your code compliance certification
  • levies as relevant (see further details on our fees and under information on applying for a consent )
  • costs on-charged from third parties, eg specialist processing peer reviews, LINZ fees to register document on title.

Please note that any additional inspections or re-inspections will be charged for separately when your account is settled at the end of your build and before issue of your code compliance certificate.

After all your fees have been paid your building consent will be released to you on the AlphaOne building consents system.

You’ll be able to download your consented documents from your account. See our information on using AlphaOne  [PDF, 707 KB] for more details.

This is by far the most efficient and cost effective way of getting your building consent documents.

If you don’t have an AlphaOne login you can register for a login.

Alternatively where your project is a one off that you are not using an agent for, then we can provide your building consent documents

  • via an electronic file transfer, or
  • printed copy (printing costs apply – refer to our building fee schedule for details).

If you need any help with your consent documents you can contact the Building Advisory team on 03 347 2839 or bca@selwyn.govt.nz.

Downloading your consented documents

After you have paid for your consent, all your consented documents will become available for you to download.

This means you can access them any time you want.

To download your documents

  1. Click on the BC section of your applications progress bar
  2. Click on Documents Issued on the blue menu bar
  3. Click on building consent documentation
  4. Select save file
  5. Select where you want to save your documentation on your own computer
  6. Click on save.

More detailed instructions on downloading your consented documents are in our guide to using AlphaOne [PDF, 707 KB] on our website or if you need help please contact us.

Consent conditions & advice notes

Once you receive your building consent it’s important that you read the full documentation carefully.

Your building consent will contain the following information

  • details of the location of the building work
  • if the work has a specified intended life
  • any other conditions and/or advice notes/endorsements you need to observe during your project.

Conditions or advice notes may occur where

  • conditions specifically link to a legislative requirement under the act – for example where the building work has a specified intended life, or there are other rules that must be followed either as part of the consented work, or before building work can proceed (eg 224 subdivision approval, discharge to air land or sea via Environment Canterbury)
  • advice notes relate to other types of information needed to support your project – eg requirements to provide building location certificates, as-built truss designs, pressure tests, electrical certificates.

It’s important that you read and understand all conditions and/or advice notes/endorsements before you start building. If there’s anything you don’t understand then please contact us to discuss.

Concerns over consent decision

If you have feedback, queries, concerns or complaints about any decision made as part of the consenting process please see our information on providing feedback. This outlines our building consent authority complaint and or the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) determinations processes.