Most buildings have an indefinite life of not less than 50 years. There are however some buildings that will be onsite for short term use – eg Portacoms, CEBUS classrooms, site office.

As part of the consent conditions, these types of buildings will have a specified intended life under section 113 of the Building Act . The intent is that these buildings will be altered, removed or demolished on or before the end of the specified intended life.

It is important to note that the specified intended life is specific to the building as a whole, and not individual building elements.

Extending the life of your building

To extend the life of the building you’ll need to obtain an 'extension of life' from council. As the owner, you’ll need to request this in writing before the end of the specified intended life period.

Applications are assessed by council, who’ll make a decision and let you know in writing

  • that the requirements of the Building Act have been complied with, or
  • what needs to be done to comply and extend the life of your building.

Council can only extend the life of a building if we are satisfied that the building has been altered as noted in the conditions of the building consent and it complies with the Building Act.