Changing the contact details on your consent

If you need to change or update the contact details for yourself or your tradespeople on your consent you can

  • change your details via the front portal if you applied using our online system, or
  • email with the consent number in the subject line and the new contact details in the email, or
  • call the Building Advisory team on 03 347 2839.

Putting your consent on hold

If for any reason you need to put your consent on hold, this can be done. You may want to do this where for example

  • your project has come in over budget and needs to be redesigned, or
  • circumstances have changed.

Contact us to discuss your circumstances. Each request to put a consent on hold is considered on a case by case basis. Depending on your situation

  • we may be able to put your current application on hold pending the new information, or
  • you may need to withdraw your application and submit a new application when you’re ready to proceed again.