Porter Heights Village Open Larger ViewThe photo-montages were taken from viewpoints discussed and agreed with the landscape consultant engaged by Selwyn District Council.

The first viewpoint illustrates the view from the State Highway [PDF, 2373 KB]

The second viewpoint [PDF, 673 KB] is from the mountainside opposite Porters Ski Area, on the other side of the Porter River. It was requested by Council to provide a complete overview of the village. Although publicly accessible this mountainside is very steep and of rugged terrain, typical of the locality. Access for the photo-montage was by helicopter.

A third image [PDF, 673 KB] is provided which shows the village with the full mountain backdrop. It is emphasised that this image is an “artist’s impression” as it is impossible to fit the whole mountain backdrop into a photomontage without some distortion. It should therefore be taken as indicative and reflects the significant scale of the mountainous environment.

The buildings shown are not final. They have been modelled to represent what may be the scale and form of appropriate buildings. All buildings, their finish and architectural detail would be subject to detailed design post approval of the Plan Change. This would occur over a period of time and would be subject to required resource and building consent processes.