Motorcycle safety in Selwyn 2022

The statistics for motorcycle deaths and serious injury crashes in Selwyn paint a clear picture. The majority of all serious crashes involving motorcycles in Selwyn occur on State Highway's or 80-100km/hr rural roads.

The cause of these crashes is predominantly the fault of the motorcycle rider. Poor handling techniques, poor observation, poor road positioning and alcohol make up the factors involved in the majority of motorcycle crashes in Selwyn. The at-risk demographic are males on full licences, aged 40–65 years.

While in urban environments we promote vehicle drivers to look twice to save a life at intersections, and “SMIDSY” this remains true for our urban areas, however in Selwyn our motorcyclist fatalities sit with the riders themselves.

Don’t become a statistic, upskill, train and ride to survive.

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Ride Forever is an ACC initiative that aims to give motorcyclists sound advice and the chance to upskill for safety. Ride Forever offers on-road coaching, which is the only nationally available, certified rider coaching programme in New Zealand. There are multiple levels of on-road coaching available to suit all experience levels. They give riders the chance to work their way towards having the ride to survive ability and mentality. To prevent skill fade you can attend these courses annually.

Taking the same commute every day for years does not make you an accomplished rider. You have only been exposed to the environment you are used to riding in. When you ride in an environment outside of your normal commute you may find situations you’re not suitably trained to deal with. Ride Forever courses will help you become an accomplished rider, capable of dealing with all riding scenarios and environments.

NZ Police Video
Selwyn District Motorcycle Safety Video - New Zealand Police

Comparing a statistically robust sample of roughly 3,000 riders, against an equal-size, demographically matched control sample, taking at least one Ride Forever course reduced the incidence of having a crash by 27% and the associated treatment costs by 45%. In other words, Ride Forever-trained riders crash less often, and the crashes they do have are on average less severe.

The Ride Forever website has a wealth of information about gear, techniques, events, online and on-road coaching, and a variety of other motorcycle subjects.

To remove any barrier to completing the on-road coaching, if you are a Selwyn resident and you complete a Ride Forever course with any of the Canterbury trainers, the Selwyn District Council will arrange to cover the cost through your trainer.

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Ride Forever - the best split second decision you'll make

Tips from Canterbury Ride Forever Trainers

When out for a ride, you should always ride within your ability and keep something in reserve. This is true for both rider and bike. Ensure you have sufficient performance in both your bike and your ability to survive the unexpected. If you ride to within a fraction of you and your bike's ability you are in fact riding close to the edge, and sooner or later statistics will catch up with you.

Ornsby Training Video

Selwyn District Motorcycle Safety Video - Dan from Ornsby Motorcycle Training

Duncan 2 Drive Safe Video

Selwyn District Motorcycle Safety Video - Duncan from 2 Drive Safe

Caron CnB Training Video

Selwyn District Motorcycle Safety video - Caron from CnB Training