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Information on road safety campaigns, courses and activities

We collaborate with National Agencies to improve road safety and reduce the number of injuries and deaths on our roads.

Road Safety Strategy

Road crashes impose a massive and unacceptable burden of death, pain and suffering on Selwyn Roads. The road safety strategy is a critical element in the Council's efforts, along with NZ Police and key partners, to reduce crashes and improve road safety. This is done through a long-term, coordinated framework of projects and programmes.

Road Safety Strategy Pages 1 to 18 [PDF, 3505 KB]
Road Safety Strategy Pages 19 to 27 [PDF, 1451 KB]
Road Safety Strategy Pages 28-58 [PDF, 3917 KB]
Road Safety Strategy Appendices [PDF, 1479 KB]

Selwyn Road Safety Action Plan 2016-2017 [PDF, 1845 KB]

The road safety team's role is to co-ordinate road safety campaigns, courses and activities. The campaigns target identified local road safety issues. The courses and activities aim to increase knowledge and skills of Selwyn drivers and motorcyclists.

Enquiries about any of the above projects or road safety in general can be directed to