Information about the use of Commercial E-scooters in Selwyn

The Council has approved e-scooter companies Lava Scooters and Lime Technology to operate 250 commercial e-scooters in Rolleston, Lincoln and Prebbleton.

This approval was given after a trial period where the Council monitored the operation of the e-scooters in the district.

All day to day operations of the scooters are the responsibility of the companies and any questions or complaints should be directed to the companies first.

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Using e-scooters

NZTA rules are that e-scooters can be ridden on the footpath, shared paths, on the road, or on cycleways.

For the Selwyn trial, you can ride the scooters in Rolleston, Lincoln and Prebbleton. You can travel between the towns but ONLY on cycleways. E-scooter speeds will be restricted to a maximum of 15kmh in Council reserves and around Community Centres and Halls and e-scooters are not allowed in cemeteries.

A map of areas where scooters are allowed is included below

When riding e-scooters users must:

  • Be careful and considerate and ride the scooters at a speed that doesn’t put other people on the footpath at risk
  • Give way to both pedestrians and people on mobility devices


The law requires that scooters are operated with care and consideration. Some tips on safe riding include:

  • Be aware – watch for car doors opening, potholes, pedestrians and left turning vehicles; and make sure you have enough room to safely stop suddenly.
  • Be aware of school zones and children walking
  • Be predictable – maintain a straight line and let pedestrians know you’re there as the e-scooters are quiet.
  • Be seen – make sure the e-scooters lights are working, make eye contact with drivers, and with pedestrians coming towards you and watch out for blind spots
  • Be patient – slow down around parked or queued vehicles, give way to pedestrians, pass slowly and ride with courtesy.
  • Be prepared – it is recommended to wear a helmet when riding. Check the scooter before setting off, become familiar with the brakes and the small wheel size.

Parking e-scooters

E-scooters should be parked upright and in the most practical place as to not cause a nuisance. They should be parked upright on footpaths, close to the kerb edge, and in a way that doesn’t block the path of people using the footpaths. Don’t park e-scooters against buildings or entranceways, on narrow footpaths or in places where there isn’t enough room for people to pass.

E-scooter zone map

E scooters may be ridden in the shaded areas, and along the cycleways marked in blue, but must not be ridden in the shown exclusion zones.

E-Scooter Maps [PDF, 946 KB]