Aerial view of Izone

The Owners

Selwyn District Council

Selwyn District Council (SDC) owns the land and funds Izone’s development. SDC is growing a strong industry base in Rolleston. This provides employment opportunities to local residents, helping reduce the number of commuters needing to drive to Christchurch for work, and generating a financial return that offsets rating requirements. Helping quake-affected Canterbury businesses remain in the region is a recent validation of Izone’s ongoing development strategy.

SDC has $1.66 billion of assets (SDC Annual Report 2018/2019). It is this strong balance sheet that has allowed SDC to invest in the design and build of a number of buildings in Izone including PGG Wrightson Seeds, Café Izone and The Warehouse. The Warehouse and PGG buildings were later sold by SDC.

The Developers

Logo Hughes Developments

Hughes Developments Limited has a decade-long connection with the project and is contracted to perform in the capacity of CEO; responsible for day-to-day management, sales and marketing, site development and strategic planning.

The Canterbury-based development company is highly regarded for its skills in up-zoning land and innovative business practices, particularly the use of integrated master planning and creative marketing. Projects undertaken by Hughes Developments include large-scale residential development and commercial premises throughout New Zealand.

Development partner

Logo Calder Stewart

Calder Stewart is proud of its family owned and operated culture, allowing it to be guided by a long term strategic vision and capable of adapting to changing construction market conditions over the years. Calder Stewart Development has significant experience in understanding the needs of a client, providing economic and practical building solutions in order to deliver buildings that meet these needs. We consider that the design and build process begins with carefully listening to the client’s specific needs, and ends with a building that perfectly meets them. As a company with strong commitments to value-added services, we offer free non-obligatory consultation and design explorations during the initial phases of a given design and build project.