Selwyn District Council is one of the first Councils in New Zealand that has introduced One Tag - metal tags designed to last a dog’s lifetime. These tags, introduced in 2021, have replaced the old plastic tags that dog owners had to swap every year they renewed their dog’s registration.

The One Tag initiative aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste going to the district’s landfills. Also we want to make it easier for the dog owners to renew their dog registration every year. Eventually we also expect it will make it easier for the Council to administer the registrations.

Visit our dog registration page for more information on registering your dog in Selwyn.

For more information on the One Tag initiative check out the below questions and answers:

What does the One Tag look like?

The tag lightweight and comes in two round-shaped sizes: 25mm and 35mm. The Selwyn tags is blue and the back of the tag is blank so owners can get it engraved with their dog’s name or their contact details if they wish at their own cost.

image dog tag

Have the dog registration fees changed as a result of One Tag?

Our dog registration fees haven't changed. Metal tags cost more than plastic tags, so overall it’s cost neutral. Also any postage and administrative savings won’t be immediate.

How can you see if a dog is registered if they always wear the same tag?

When our Animal Control officers are out on patrol to check whether a dog is currently registered, they will be able to access registration records remotely via the National Dogs Database.

How many dogs are there in Selwyn district?

Selwyn district has one of the highest ownerships of dogs in the country. There are over 16,000 registered dogs in Selwyn, with on average 120 new dogs coming into the district each week.

How can I register my dog?

To register a new dog, you need to fill in a dog registration form and email it to us or bring it to any Council Service Centre. Once we have set you up on our system you will be able to use our online dog service to update your details and pay your dog registration.

If you have already got a registered dog with us you can re-register your dog and make the payment online.

Visit to find out more.