Established In 1996 the Dog Control Act was put in place to make better provision for the control of dogs. This Act of government necessitates councils to adopt dog control policies, maintain the dog registration system including submitting information to the National Dog Database and enforce the Act.

The Act sets out the law about legal obligations of dog ownership, including their care, control and owner responsibilities for damage caused by their dog. Selwyn District Council also has bylaws about the control of dogs, the areas where dogs are allowed and rules for keeping dogs.

The Animal Control officers seek compliance dealing with complaints i.e., barking, wandering, attacks on people property or animals just to name a few. They deliver a bite safety education program in schools and for interested parties as required by the Act. The Administration team receive and allocate complaints and administer the registration of dogs amongst other things.

The dog registration fee pays for all of this. There is no rates component to provide this service so effectively we are self-funded. We have a small team of Three Animal Control officers and Two Administrators that provide a 24/7 service.

We thank you for registering your dogs(s)