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Selwyn is a great place for dogs and their owners.

Half of all the households in the district have at least one dog, with more than 13,500 dogs in total.

We have a few rules for the safety of both the dogs and the community. Some of these are set down in the Dog Control Legislation and some in the Animal Welfare Act. Others are contained in our Bylaw [PDF, 361 KB]. And some are just plain common-sense.


Here are the main ones:

  • All dogs must be registered when they reach 3 months of age. Registration is thereafter due annually on 1 July each year. All dogs, other than working dogs*, must have a microchip ID implanted beneath their skin if their first registration was on or after 1 July 2006 anywhere in New Zealand. This is not required for dogs who were first registered before then, except those classified as dangerous or menacing, or those that have been impounded. The council provides a monthly microchipping service which is free for dogs who are legally required to be microchipped. * A working dog is any dog kept solely or principally for the purposes of herding or driving stock.
  • Dogs must be on a lead in townships, and confined by leash or chain while on open trays of vehicles.
  • Owners must remove faeces left by their dog(s) and must carry a suitable receptacle for the removal of such material.
  • Dog owners must have their dogs under proper control at all times. If a dog is found not under control or at large, the Animal Control Officer may seize the dog and either return it to its owner or impound it.
  • Owners must provide a dog-free accessway to their front door for visitors, couriers and emergency services (even harmless dogs may appear intimidating to some people).
  • The owner of any dog shall ensure that the dog receives proper care and attention and is supplied with proper and sufficient food, water and shelter.
  • The owner of any dog shall ensure that the dog receives adequate exercise.

Please phone Animal Control on our 24 hour line if you can't find the information you are looking for on our website.

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