Information on wandering stock, lost and found and impounded stock

Wandering Stock

Wandering stock can cause traffic accidents. Any stock sighted out by the public results in immediate diversion of officers to secure them back off public land.

Complaints laid about animals to the Police are duly passed to Animal Control to be actioned.

Details required are:

  • Your name, address, contact number (this information is confidential)

  • The stock description

  • A description of the problem

  • Where the incident is occurring

Lost & Found

Council maintain a lost and found register for stock.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you lose or find stock. We require a full description and location where the stock were last seen or found.

Any wandering, lost or found stock problems, please phone our 24 hour line.

Impounded Stock

Any stock impounded in the Council pound is charged the following fees:

The fees associated with the impounding of stock are (per animal):

  • Sheep $5
  • Cattle $56
  • Horse $56
  • Pig $56
  • Goat $56
  • Mule/Donkey $56
  • Other animals up to $56

Feeding (day or part day)

  • Sheep or goat $1.00 per head
  • Other stock $2.00 per head

Other Costs

  • Driving and cartage costs - at actual costs
  • Advertising costs $90.00 per insertion
  • Time $37.00 per hour
  • Mileage $0.77 per km

(A 50% discount is applied to numbers in excess of 100 sheep which are impounded at any one time from an individual or 10 head of any other stock)