Regular advice on when registration is due and any penalties issued, tips on caring for dogs, when and where microchipping clinics are held

Dog Microchipping

If your dog has been registered for the first time after June 30, 2006, then it legally needs to be microchipped (with the exception of working dogs). The Council is offering a free microchipping service. Your dog must be registered with Selwyn Council to be microchipped.

The microchipping clinics are usually held at our Leeston, Darfield and Lincoln service centres, and at Council offices in Rolleston, on a Friday at the end of every month. For exact dates keep an eye on this website, our weekly newsletter Council Call in Selwyn Times and Council Facebook.

Our next Microchipping Clinic is Friday 23 July

Leeston Library & Service Centre

9 to 9.30am

Darfield Library & Service Centre

10.15 to 10.45am

Council Offices Rolleston

11.30 to 12pm

Lincoln Library & Service Centre

12.45 to 1.15pm

Please note the following:

All clinics last for only half an hour.

  • Your dog will only be microchipped if your dog is currently registered with SDC or done on the day
  • Rolleston is at the headquarters on Norman Kirk Drive
  • Microchipping will not take place if wet
  • This service is only being carried out once a month

If distance or dog numbers prevent you getting to a clinic, please contact us.


Remember: If you get a dog from someone else and it is not registered for the financial year, then you will have to pay the full registration fee regardless of how many months are left.

Email Addresses

We need your email address to make it faster to get information out to you. To provide your email address, please contact us.

Keep an eye out for information on our found/adoptable dogs page regarding dogs that have not been claimed and are due to be rehomed.

Please watch for new notices and microchipping clinic times each month.