How to advise changes to where you or your dog live in Selwyn or shifting from Selwyn.

Shifting within the Selwyn District?

If your household is shifting, or your dog is changing family, you can advise us of the change of ownership and address by completing a form [PDF, 267 KB] which you can either post, drop off at one of our service centres or email us. There is no charge.Stock image - puppy

Shifting into the Selwyn District?

Welcome to Selwyn!

Bring in your dog's tag from your old Council and we will update our database with your details, and issue you with a Selwyn District dog tag. There is no charge.

Phone or email us.

Shifting outside the Selwyn District?

When you get to your new home, take your Selwyn dog tag to the local Council and they will replace the tag with one for their district, and enter your details into their database.