Fees and charges relating to dogs.

All Fees are inclusive of GST.

Dog Registration

The fee falls due on July 1 each year and may be paid at the service centres in Leeston, Darfield, Lincoln or Rolleston, or in the prepaid return envelope provided with your registration form.

We accept electronic payments - through internet or telebanking. However, you must already have your owner number and follow the instructions on the registration form.

If paid by the due date, the discounted fee will be only:

  • $10 Administration/Owner fee
  • $35 Registration fee per dog.

For payments after July 31, the full fee will be:

  • $15 Administration/Owner fee
  • $45 Registration fee per dog.

Registration Fee Rebate for older dogs

Dogs 14 years and older which have been consecutively registered with SDC and compliant with all registration and bylaw requirements over the last 10 years, will not be required to pay the registration fee portion. An owner/administration fee will still need to be paid.

Tag and Collar Fees

  • Replacement dog tag $5
  • Dog collar $9-$11 depending on size

Seizure Fee

If an Animal Control Officer seizes a wandering dog and returns it to the owner, the officer can charge a seizure fee of $50.

Impounding Fees

If the Council's Animal Control Officers impound a dog, the following fees will apply:

  • $70 for the first impoundment
  • $96 for the second impoundment
  • $162 for the third impoundment
  • Additional charges $30 per day thereafter administration/sustenance fee.

Microchipping fees

Free of charge: Microchipping of dogs where the dog is being registered for the first time having attained the age of three months. The dog is to be presented at Council Service Centres at the prescribed time (applicable to dogs microchipped by Council staff only).

Note: Farm working dogs are not legally required to be micro chipped.

Licence Under Dog Control Bylaw

Licence Application Fee $100.

Fees and charges are set under Sections 37, 38 and 68 of the Dog Control Act 1996.

For queries about fees or policies, please contact us.