It is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is registered

The penalties for non-registration can be expensive. All dogs older than 3 months must be registered every year beginning July 1.

Puppy watches while people register dog on laptopRe-registration notices will arrive via email or in hardcopy in mailboxes by July 1 each year. Owners will then have a month in which to make their best friends legal during the discount fee period.

To register your dog, fill in a dog registration form [PDF, 348 KB] and bring it to any Council Service Centre, or use Dogs Online for updating details and paying dog registration.

We are seeking email addresses for all dog owners. To provide your email address, please email us at

It's important to let us know of any changes to your dog registration record:

  • If you change your address within Selwyn District you must let us know immediately. Just contact us by phone or drop us an email so that we can keep your records current.
  • If you have left Selwyn District completely, please let us know as soon as possible. Once we have taken you off our records, you can take the Selwyn dog tag into your new council and get a tag from them at no extra charge.
  • When you sell or give your dog away, you have 14 days to provide us with the new owner's complete details. This must include the name and address of the new owner.
  • While we understand how painful it can be if your dog passes away, you still need to let us know  as soon as you are able to. We will refund a part of the fee, calculated on the complete months yet to run in the registration year if you tell us of your dog passing, in writing. This needs to be done as soon as possible to ensure you get the most out of your refund. If you don't wish to get a refund you can phone or email us.

To contact us regarding any of the above please phone the council or email