List of places that dogs are banned in Selwyn District

Dog Exercise Parks

Foster Dog Park, Dog Exercise Area - A fully fenced 2 hectare park designated to allow space for the exercising of dogs off-leash.  Features include; carparking, seating and picnic facilities, dog agility equipment and water play. Location - corner of Springston Rolleston and Goulds Road, Rolleston.

Dog Park Rules [PDF, 122 KB]

dog with toyLeeston Dog Park, The 1.8 hectare dog park is located in the area of Council land between the entrance to the A&P Showgrounds and the Ellesmere Heritage Park.

The park opened late last year. It is fully fenced and features dog exercise equipment such as hurdles, jumps, a balance beam, pole weave, ramps, a tunnel and more. It also features a small pond and a grooming table.

The project to establish the new park was promoted by the Leeston Community Committee

Other Permitted Areas

A list of off leash exercise areas can be found on page 17 of the Dog Control Bylaw [PDF, 361 KB]. Dogs can be exercised either on a leash or off leash in these areas but dogs must be under control. Under control means that the dog obeys commands and doesn’t bother or cause a nuisance to other people or dogs. If you’re outdoors please remember that dogs are not allowed in schools, in skate parks, or within five metres of organized events on sportsfields or reserves. They are also not allowed in playgrounds or within five metres of a playground.

Sections of the Parks and Reserves and at times, areas around events, will be prohibited. Please check the Bylaw.

If you are out with your dog in public, please remember to take a doggy doo bag with you and collect any mess your dog leaves behind so our parks are left clean for everyone to enjoy.